Research and ISPS

Research within the Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) is a driving force behind Peak States Therapies Ltd. Our ground-breaking work in the field of prenatal trauma healing is leading to prototype treatments for addiction, autism and multiple sclerosis. Early indications are that a range of other disorders may eventually be treated through these techniques, such as dyslexia, fibromyalgia and attention deficit disorder.

In addition to neurological developmental disorders, we are also engaged in fascinating work in the field of consciousness studies. Our research has shown that positive states of mental health - "peak states of consciousness" - enjoyed by a lucky few, are actually our birthright. Healing certain prenatal trauma can lead to what we term "peak states". One such method leads to a state called Inner Peace. If you know anyone who rarely becomes agitated or anxious, whatever the circumstances, then it's likely that this person has a degree of this state. This means that they experienced a particular event in their physical development in the womb, without trauma. We have found ways to access and heal the trauma behind this state, leading people to feel much more peaceful regardless of external circumstances.

As you can imagine, this work is at the forefront of consciousness research and it will be years before the full implications of our findings are realised. It doesn't help that some of our discoveries contradict current mainstream scientific opinion. However, the techniques developed from our model, are easily demonstrable and reproducible such as with The Silent Mind Technique™. Consequently, we believe that it won't be long before scientific opinion fully accepts the importance of pre-natal trauma healing in the field of well-being and disease.

For more information on ISPS, please see the website at and the book Peak States of Consciousness Volume I by Grant McFetridge. Peak States of Consciousness Volume II is soon to be published. A further book by Grant called 'Silence the Voices', detailing the the development of the Silent Mind Technique, is likely to be published in 2009.